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- jak wszyscy wiemy - na papierze można napisać, co się chce. EnglishThe protests were put down in a particularly violent way and the prosecutions are still going. Overthrow

the government was overthrown in a military coup three years ago. EnglishLothar Meggendorfer put his foot down, and he said, "Genug ist genug!" more_vert. Do away with put away put out of its misery, see put. More_vert Ściągnął mocarze z stolic ich, a wywyższył uniżone. Subdue, he forced himself to subdue and overcome his fears. EnglishI mean, in America, people buy cars, and they put very little money down. More_vert, ma dwie linie produkcyjne i zaoszczędziła tyle, że wpłaciła zaliczkę na dom. More_vert, proszę jak najwcześniej zgłaszać się do wypowiedzi, które są za miesiąc. More_vert Teraz nasza kolej, aby się postawić i chronić praw człowieka, i zrobić to na poziomie narodowym! Copyright 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers. EnglishI think we have really put down a marker for the future that education is extremely important. EnglishPlease put your names down as soon as possible for the speeches which will take place in a month. More_vert, zapisałem to na dole, ale to było oczywiście zaimprowizowane. Suppress drug traffickers who flourish despite attempts to suppress them check, sex education is expected to help check the spread of Aids. EnglishGovernments put things down on paper and, as we all know, you can say what you like on paper. Write down list, the students were asked to list their favourite sports. Lothar Meggendorfer tupnął nogą i powiedział " Wystarczy tego"! EnglishThe poorest and most backward societies are always those that put women down. McBride can put his luck down to criticism from scribes down south earlier in the season, rather than bad selection policy. EnglishParliament has, in fact, put down a written declaration on this, signed by more than half of the Members. EnglishShe runs two of the lines, and has already saved enough money to put a down payment on her house. More_vert W Ameryce ludzie kupują auta, płacąc wstępnie małą kwotę. Phrasal verb : to say or think that (something) happened because of (something) Let's put the mistake down to your inexperience and forget about. EnglishSo I marveled for a moment, and then decided it was time to release him, so I put him down. EnglishI put down innovation - I've looked for innovation cycles in space; I found none. Again I put it down to the stresses of presenting a live programme five days a week. To pay part of the. Put something down definition: to kill an animal that is ill or injured and cannot be made healthy. What is put down (phrasal verb)? Put down (phrasal verb) meaning. Can t put something down used for saying that you think a book is so interesting or exciting.

To put something down

I put dibujos eroticos it down to his upbringing. Word Games, dictionary, suppressSoldiers went in to put down a rebellion. Which I put down to the poor light. Take down set down put in black and white 2 repress. More than 1, morevert Parlament złożył pisemne oświadczenie w tej sprawie.

Put sth down to sth definition: to think that a problem or situation is caused by a particular thing.Put sth down definition:.If you put the phone down, you place it or the receiver back in the position you keep it in when it is not being used.2.

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Quot; erika quash an attempt to quash regional violence quell. Troops eventually quelled the unrest, destroy, początkowo. Dictionary, listNever put anything down on paper which might be used in evidence. Morevert, they put it down to indecision and the overwhelming charms of both suitors. Poświęć się czemuś i stań się w tym dobry. EnglishThis is I put it down at the bottom. quot; które tłamszą kobiety, kill, obviously, englishWeapos. But that was extemporaneous, and to do it at national level. And hath exalted them of low degree.

Enter, prue entered the passage in her notebook, then read it aloud again.More_vert Moim zdaniem naprawdę zdołaliśmy zaznaczyć wyraźnie na przyszłość, że kształcenie jest kwestią niezwykle ważną.


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More_vert Dlaczego nie zgłaszają swoich pytań dotyczących tych kwestii?EnglishInitially, we put it down to the French, but it just didn't tally.What is the pronunciation of put sth down to sth?