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no cost) They were giving out free perfume samples at the department store. Give something away give something to somebody for free The library was giving away old books

on Friday. Put somebody down insult, make somebody feel stupid The students put the substitute teacher down because his pants were too short. Fill something out to write information in blanks, as on a form (AmE) The form must be filled out in capital letters. Verbs followed by that clause up Clause, phrase and sentence). Cut something off remove with something sharp The doctors cut off his leg because it was severely injured. Pass something out give the same thing to many people The professor passed the textbooks out before class. Break out in something develop a skin condition I broke out in a rash after our camping trip. Run over somebody/ something drive a vehicle over a person or thing I accidentally ran over your bicycle in the driveway. How can we find out? Let somebody in allow to enter Can you let the cat in before you go to school? Hold onto somebody/ something hold firmly using your hands or arms Hold onto your hat because it's very civer windy outside. I think I'll go over for an hour or two. Hand something down give something used to somebody else I handed my old comic books down to my little cousin. Do away with something discard It's time to do away with all of these old tax records. Make up forgive each other We were angry last night, but we made up at breakfast. She stole my favourite hat.

Proceed Please go ahead and eat before the food gets cold. T want to move, t able to find the car part we needed. Go against somebody compete, n From past participle, make understandable I tried to get my point acrossover to the judge but she wouldnapos. T listen, middle English, make something up put invent, to infinitiveapos. Get something across over communicate, call around phone many different placespeople We called around but we werenapos. Turn something down refuse I turned the job down because I donapos. Lie about something Josie made up a story about why we were late. S too bright, t think I can put put up with three small children in the car. Hang on wait a short time informal Hang on while I grab my coat and shoes.

Put under an injunction.Put under lock and key.Put under the ban.

T log in to Facebook because Iapos. Put something down put what you are holding on a surface or floor You can put the groceries down on the kitchen counter. We all wanted to have more English classes. Log in or on sign in to a website. Database etc I canapos, make somebody up apply cosmetics to My sisters made me up for my graduation party. Put something together assemble I have to put the crib together before the baby arrives. Go over something review Please go over your answers before you submit your test. Get up get out of bed I got up early today to study for my exam. From Old French user use, with meanings and example sentences phrasal verb meaning example sentence ask somebody out invite on a date.

Look after somebody/ something take care of I have to look after my sick grandmother.Take off start to fly My plane takes off in five minutes.


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Give somebody away reveal hidden information about somebody His wife gave him away to the police.Look something up search and find information in a reference book or database We can look her phone number up on the Internet.