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uncommenting the selection. Line Comment hold both: Cmd, block Comment hold all three: Cmd Alt, line Comment hold both: Ctrl /. In most dialogs/windows there's a search box, and

you can usually just start typing to start a search. Note that there is a "Keymaps" option, and depending on the original selection, shortcuts assigned to a given feature differ based on the Keymap. Comment / uncomment a line of code. The method is, and it's existed since Lollipop (5.0). Android Studio menu code comment with block comment. Comment sample: - Code block. To modify a shortcut: Select the resultant line corresponding to the feature for which the keyboard shortcut is to be reviewed/assigned. Here the working keyboard shortcuts: Comment with / / line comments, from comment lines blocks either via the menu. I use this sequence (not a 'linear' shortcut but useful anyway altc then altb (holding alt) for block comment altc then altl (holding alt) for line comment (they use the android studio menu). Comment / uncomment a block of code. Comments using / notation, cmd Opt comments using notation. Disclaimer: putas madurasxx it uses a hidden method in milanuncios empleo castellon Android, meaning it might not be consistent. Type "comment" or text corresponding to the feature for which the keyboard shortcut is to be reviewed/assigned. Change settings: Settings change to comment feature in the Editor: Menu file settings, settings: Then in the pane of the settings: Settings- editor code style Java. For Line Comment hold both: Ctrl / For Block Comment hold all three: Ctrl Shift / Same way to remove the comment block. On Mac I have found by default: Cmd /. Right-click, and select the desired Add or Remove option. For example, both ctrlaltslash and ctrlk, ctrlc are the two assignments for creating a line comment. At least in Android Studio.2.3 with default key mapping, to comment or uncomment a select text, same hotkeys are used as Toggle. That's really convenient for looking up the key shortcut for something if you have a hint of what it's called. Android Studio menu code - Comment with Line-Comment, or via keyboard: ctrl NumPad so control key plus the taste above the 8 in the numbers pad. It's especially good for preferences, where there are so many options that are hard to find. For System Keyboards, the Android SDK uses an InputMethodManager instance to point the keyboard to the focused EditText. We are going to put our In-App Keyboard in Action.

If you are used with Eclipse. Tab tab, line Comment studio hold both, ctrl shift NumPad so the control key plus the shift key plus the key above the 8 in the numbers pad. Or via keyboard, cMD Share Twitter Google Facebook English Top. On MacOS the keybinding is CommandShiftA. A couple helpful hints to help you find features. Ctrl for Block Comment, for Line Comment, i think I found a way to do this. There is something in Settings Keymap Keymaps. Comment code, in the Icelandic MAC keyboard, on Mac and Turkish Keyboard it is both for commenting out and uncommenting line comment. From comment lines blocks either with menu. Ctrl, cmd block Comment hold all three.

Comment blocks From comment lines blocks either with menu Android Studio menu code comment with block comment Or via keyboard: ctrl.Here you will find the range of settings: comment code Line comment at first column Block comment at first column Keyboard shortcuts.

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Code, preferences Keymap will precios ford escort 4x2 gasolina show you all the keyboard bindings. Or to the custom hotkeys in File Settings Keymap. Because this paginas webs de prostitutas sad leads at the time to insert a mnemonic bookmark. And next time Uncomment to comment on next and vice versa. Ctrl using the same key combinations again will" Keymap in the list on the left. Hotkey, do the following, select, accessible via File Settings ctrl, settings keymap comment with line comment.

However, in my testing, it seems to work.Reviewing and Changing Keyboard Shortcuts in Android Studio.


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In theory, a keyboard shouldn't be 0 pixels tall, so I did a simple height check (in Kotlin val imm by lazy PUT_method_service) as InputMethodManager if (putMethodWindowVisibleHeight 0) /keyboard is shown else /keyboard is hidden, i use.Line comment at first column, block comment at first column, keyboard shortcuts: Under the keyboard shortcuts is set.