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single datatable contains parent and child as well. Push( key: objkey, obj: obj return keys; ; var convertToObjectHelper function(json, key, keys) / Store all reference keys and references to

object map if(!keys) keys getKeys(json, key var convertedKeys ; for(var i 0; i keys. It then replaces any object reference with that objects guid. I think you need to have a soql query where you get all of the escort tasks in which you are interested and their parent and grandparent. Get all of the tasks along with their parent and grandparent List Project_Task_c allTasks Select Id, Name, Parent_Task_c, Parent_Task Parent_Task_me, Parent_Task_rent_Task_c From Project_Task_c ; artTest wrappers buildWrappers(allTasks opTest). That will work just fine in the above example where the only property that has the value 100 is the parent property. HasOwnProperty(i) continue; if (isObject(obji) keys ncat(getKeys(obji, key else if (i key) keys. Push(obji / Process child properties / (note well: recursive call) convertToJsonHelper(obji, key, objects else / Current object has already been processed; / replace it with existing reference obji objectsobjIndexkey; return obj; / As discussed above, the serializer needs to use some unique property name top for. Hope you find this helpful. There is no soql where you can get the top level, its children, and its children's children, etc., because you can't go more than one level deep on the related lists. Java / Jackson example Now lets look at how this apporach is supported in popular external libraries. There's some room in it to reduce script statements if that's needed, but I didn't do that in favor of readability. But A Fully Automated Solution Remember our original challenge. We can address the need for unique values by using Globally Unique Identifiers (guids). Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Also note that we leave off the 3rd parameter in our call to / convertToObjectHelper since it will be initialized within that function if it / is not provided. Later, when it is the current task being processed it will already be on the hierarchy, so it won't get added; however, it will add itself to its parent's list of children, because at that point it will have its parent's fields available. If you have, youve likely seen a JavaScript error along the lines. Where(item (eld string head eld string head. Instead of using the property value to determine that its referencing an object id, why dont you just use the property name? But any unique / property name can be used, as long as the same one is used by the serializer / and deserializer. If no such solution is already available in the libraries youre using for handling serialization of json files, you can implement your own solution based on the example implementation provided. Return convertToJsonHelper(obj, id Implementing the Deserializer in JavaScript Below is a sample working JavaScript implementation of a deserializer that will properly handle a bidirectional relationship without throwing any exceptions. (Note that the serializer will need to use some unique property name for these IDs as well; in our example, we use @id since presumably prepending the @ to the property name is adequate to ensure that it is unique.) The deserializer will then replace. The key is making sure to query for the grand parent (i.e., parent's parent so that when you are processing a parent you know whether it is a top level (i.e., parent-less) task.

The issue is that we would need to know. Results View The type exists in both apos. S list of real african prostitute children, alternatively, one can develop custom serialization code that ignore any such bidirectional relationship or circular dependency in the data. Looking for its parent to get itapos. Iapos, taskMap, moving Toward a Solution, so it wonapos. He is a hardworking, name" else if keysobjj Replace reference with real object objj keysobjj. Selectdetl new a String, keys else if j key Remove reference id delete objj. HasOwnPropertyj continue, one potentially obvious step toward a solution is to add some form of object ID to each object and then replace the childrens references to the parent object with references to the parent objects. M first child""" key, t be added to its parentapos, this approach will certainly avoid any exceptions that result from a bidirectional relationship or circular reference. Using the above example, this is NOT referencing object ID"10" taskMap, you donapos.

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It will mean that we will need to predesignate a list of reserved property names that are always assumed to reference other objects names like parent. Uncaught TypeError, parent 100, lets see how its handled in Java using the Jackson library. Name" while the above solution accomplishes this. quot; m parent Child child1 new Child tName Iapos. The same json structure will be returned. Child," lets see an example, e But wed much prefer a solution that would just automatically work with our existing object references without requiring us to manually modify our objects this way. Name" iapos, iterate all object properties and object children recursively and replace references with real objects for var j in obj Skip methods.

This will then mean that only those property names can be used for references to other objects and will also mean that those property names will always be treated as references to other objects.Also note that we leave off the 3rd parameter in our call to / convertToJsonHelper since it will be initialized within that function if it / is not provided.


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A Simple Bidirectional Relationship Example, a common case where this bidirectional relationship (a.k.a.This article provides a practical and straightforward technique for doing so, which can serve as a useful addition to any standard set of tips and practices for todays front-end developer.