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has been put into it to make it what. It is a very functional theme with full future support from the creators. In this section, the foundations of the grid design will be implemented. Subscribe Now and Get My New Ebook For free! With a very unique, only horizontal layout, it stands out among others because of its intricate and attention to detail design.

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The preset layout displays both title and headers quite prominently. Thanks to Freepik for the tasty pictures. Get ruka Hosting Mari Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme Mari is a highly customizable and fully responsive Tumblr theme with masonry grid layout.

It is suitable for majority of the blogging genres and extremely versatile.The layout is highly responsive and is optimized for the i-Phone, i-Pad, and Mac.


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Just meats or cat treats.The theme has a somber and philosophical ambiance which you can customize according to the mood that you want to reflect.But were going to use these values even for a fallback layout suitable for older browsers, where CSS variables arent supported.