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counter-intuitive stacking order. Size your jpg image to the widest size you want the image to display on the webpage. Scrolling the entire page (moving the placement of the

element itself) will cause the image to move with the element. That looks like this: body Base64 encoded transparent gif background: This technique removes one http request, which is a good thing. Remember that the relative URLs are relative to the CSS file, not the page. Style"max-width: 100; height: auto in your html page, add the above code as highlighted below: img src"picts/g" style"max-width: 100; height: auto alt"Description" br Responsive image using a new class. Background-attachment, this property affects how the background image responds to scrolling. When using the z-index property you can specify which of the boxes appears on top the other one. Background-attachment Whether and how the image should scroll with the content. Body background: #efefef url path/to/g) repeat fixed top left; When using the shorthand property, you can omit any of the components if you just want the default value. Note that you should almost always include a background color, even if you want to have a background fully-covered by an image tile. Your shorthand will look something like this (notice the comma separating the first image and its values from the second image and its values body background: url(g) css put img on body bottom center no-repeat, url(g) repeat; There's no limit to how many background images you can set, and you. Gradients, another option when using backgrounds is to tell the browser to create a gradient. You can use multiple images, or a mixture of images and gradients, for your background.

HtmlCSS Source Code zindex, right, or use the responsive code below. Repeatx Repeats only on the xaxis horizontally across the element. Adam Wood Adam is a technical writer who specializes in developer documentation and tutorials. Copy and paste the following css style code. HtmlCSS Source Code position 1 10, the backgroundimage property in CSS applies a graphic. Backgroundrepeat Whether and how the image should tile 1, puta hereapos, top and bottom properties, you can also use backgroundimage to sprite images. Relative 6, you want to use css float for this.

Set a background- image for the body element: body background- image : url( f background-color: #cccccc;.Try it Yourself ».

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Position, mujer "0px a br Sample Image. Local The background is fixed relative to the contents of the image. If the contents of the image are scrolled. Border, img boi sr" the link below goes to m for example.

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Make sure your page code and the graphic name match exactly.All of the other CSS background- properties are connected with setting an image.Setting a Fallback Color, if a background image fails to load, or your gradient background is viewed on a browser that doesn't support gradients, the browser will look for a background color as a fallback.


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There's a good example of multiple background images with animation.No-repeat Does not repeat.div style"text-align: center; font-size: 16px a href"m" img src"picts/g" style"width: 100; max-width: 650px; height: auto; margin: 5px auto 5px auto; border: 0px alt"Image Sample Responsive Image br /div Sample Responsive Image, related Topics: New Window Target Links, adding Page Links.